Our aim is to support some of the world’s most deprived communities especially those who are stuck in desperate situation, refugees fleeing violence and oppression by providing them from basics emergency supplies like food, water, shoes, medical treatment to providing employbility skills and helping them finance education. Starting from supporting food banks in UK to helping refugees fleeing war and persecution in Greece, France, Syria, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan and Middle East. We continue to advance our mission and transform lives across the globe. We have been part of the support on each step of the refugee journey from funding boat rescue missions, ferry tickets, providing baby milk, nappies to bulk food, and hygienic times in official and unofficial camps.

The world is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis since WW2! They’re now over 63 million people displaced mainly women and children due to war, persecution and poverty. There are over 62 000 refugees in Greece alone mainly Syrians. We are just doing our bit to save and heal lives as it is a gesture of humanity.Help us to continue brightening lives.

Your donations become baby milk, medical aid and shelter creating an immediate impact on those in need.


  • Our message is being one unified human race to support the biggest humanitarian crisis happening around the world. We take pride in bringing communities together to educate and inspire them to support the most vulnerable at home and across the globe.
  • Awareness and Campaigning
    As part of our s we have organised and engaged a diverse range of audiences from students, academics, member of houses of Parliament, main stream media (BBC), co-operate businesses from food to digital industry and recruitment consultancies who had never engaged in such activity before.
  • We believe in fairness and equality for all. Our ethos are to provide support regardless of race, religion, gender and background.


Our Team
Board of Trustees
Chairperson and CEO – Noushin Aslam
Trustee- Shakia Nisa
Trustee – Ghazla Tabasum
Administrator- Kanwal Khan

Executive Committee:
(besides Office Bearers)

About Professor Eddie Abbott-Halpinmaxresdefault
Edward has a background in politics, community development and social and human rights informatics. He has worked as an expert for the European Parliament Scientific and Technical Options (STOA) Unit on human rights information, the Child Rights Information Network (CRIN), the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (Monitoring Children’s Rights: A Tool Kit for Community-Based Organisations), and is an associate Schumann Fellow of the European University in Florence.

Chair of the Geneva-based Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems International (HURIDOCS); an international NGO helping human rights organisation use information technologies and documentation methods to maximise the impact of their advocacy work. He is also an Expert Panel member of the Cambridge University Governance Laboratory.

Dr Max Farrar
Max was a cultural sociologist at Leeds Met University in the mid-1990s. He took voluntary redundancy from Leeds Met in 2010, ending my career there as Professor for Community Engagement.max-farrar
Secretary to the Board of the David Oluwale Memorial Association charity in Leeds, known as RememberOluwale. He is mainly committed on the Board of Together for Peace , based in Leeds, and UK Friends of Abrahams Path, based in the UK but with international links. He is on the committee for the discussion group (again in Leeds) called Taking Soundings. He also set up and continue to support the hubsite LeedsforChange. Currently an Emeritus Professor, freelance consultant, volunteer, holiday-maker and active grand-dad.


Ikram Butt
Trailblazer Ikram Butt is an official ambassador of Moonlight Trust and made history by becoming the first British Muslim to represent England at either rugby code when he appeared for England.
Ikram was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Sports Science by Leeds Metropolitan Un16641054_10155094776884645_7669671154994648224_niversity for his services to community sports development in the UK and abroad. Ikram was also awarded an Honorary Fellowship by Bradford College towards Professional Sport, Community Development and his contribution to charitable work, especially with the White Ribbon Campaign. Ikram has been featured in a publication named ‘Did You Know’, a resource book targeting educational establishments highlighting the significant contributions made to British society by ten past and present, black and Asian role models, which was launched at the House of Lords. More recently he has published his story, ‘Tries & Prejudice’ described by correspondent Andy Wilson of the ‘Guardian’ newspaper as, ‘an autobiography which is fascinating and inspiring’.


Zahoor Hyder
Zahoor is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is the owner and managing director at several organisations in property and manufacturing including HYDER LIVING limited with worldwiIMG00017-20090412-1538_400x400de experience in sourcing, and connecting people and companies.



Ramadhan Food Projects!

ramadhanThis is one of our most popular project for last three years in row we have delivered food packs for some for the most poorest and deprived communities in Pakistan, Palestine as well as displaced afghan refugees in Pakistan!

If you would like to be part of our Ramadhan food projects or sponsor a pack pleas get in touch.

Aid for Syrian Refugees Turkey!

There are over 4 million Syria refugees in Turkey and most of them are facing extreme poverty as they are unable to find shelter, education, jobs and cope with the war traumas.

We have provided essential aid to support desperate families on the ground! From sponsoring medical treatments, providing funeral costs to providing shoes and clothing, we also connected and negotiated with employers to generate employment opportunities for the refugees in desperate need of jobs!
Turkey project Photos- Here are the photos must be on this page. Please add them to turkey folder not all of them but may be one of each type.


Aid for Refugees Lesbos

With a team of 5 volunteers we helped with boat rescue at the shore of Aegean Sea, Most boats arrived at midnight or three o clock in the morning and children and women were screaming and freezing clod most people needed emergency help. We funded a vehicle which was used an emergency vehicle as well as providing essential clothing items like socks and warm jackets for refugees!

Shoes were one of the most demanding items on the ground so we spooned shoes for a large number of families in official (UN) and unofficial camps!

Ferry Tickets
Most refugee’s families which included majority as children were stranded in cold so we bought ferry rickets for them.

Food kitchen
We also sponsored food in the soup kitchen for volunteers who were managing and running the unofficial camp better days of Maria.

Women’s Only Court Yard

We have sponsored a court yard through our partners Orange House in Athens.  This is a women’s only space and most women seeking refuge here are suffering from trauma and those exposed to sexual harassment in over crowded camps. This will provide support and privacy for the women who have no family around them!

Toys/Baby milk and Nappies
Majority of the refugees were children most under 12, and traumatised from the boat journey and needed cheering up with limited funds we also goodies, toys and balls for children to pay in the camps!

We supplied bulk food for No borders Kitchen which feeds 600 refugees a day as well as Halal meet as many refugees requested.

Grant Making Policy

We issue grants and cash donation to families and individuals who are in desperate need of financial aid to support them with basic necessities of life including food water and clothing, medical and educational needs. However this is subjected to our assessment criteria, sufficient availability of funds availability and our grant making policy. To request more information please contact us on moonlighttrustinfo@gamil.com

Dirty Girls of Lesbos

One of the most innovative and dedicated group of Lesbos who have washed 100,000’s of clothes for refugees stranded in cold weather and critical situation. Moonlight Trust has proudly sponsored some of their work to in order for them to function and sustain on ongoing basis. For those of you who still don’t know about Dirty Girls of Lesbos check out here.


Heroes on the ground

We take pride in supporting some of the most dedicated committed and hardworking community workers on the ground who are actively engaged to create opportunities or have already set up infrastructure to increase means of accessibility and social justice for the most deprived individuals or families. However they are struggling to sustain due to lack of resources!

Amal- Tent of Nations