Needy people all over the world are set to receive vital help through an organisation spearheaded by Amar’s sister, Noushin. “He was called Moon because he was a shining light to us and now he will become the cause of bringing light to those whose lives suffer from the darkness of poverty and oppression”, Noushin.

Amar was just 17 when he was brutally killed in Dewsbury’s Crow Nest Park in May 2008. Now, Noushin wants something good to come out of her beloved brother’s death.

The charity has been operating in a small way but aims to intensify in near future, “For those who have gone from this world, the best thing we can do is to make a charity in their name,” said Noushin.  We will help people in need regardless of gender, faith or nationality.”

“Already we have helped a number of families in some of the most poorest and deprived communities, such as those in developing countries and refugees fleeing war and persecution,” We aim to provide them with basics such as food, water and to eradicate poverty as well as helping them finance education, medical treatment and the general necessities of life.” Noushin

We take pride in promoting diversity and bringing communities through our events like Moonlight trust Diversity Show!

Charitable Status
Please note that from December 2016 our charitable status has changed to Moonlight Trust (CIO) with

Charity Reg Number: 1170708.