Aid for Syrian Refugees Turkey!


There are over 4 million Syria refugees in Turkey and most of them are facing extreme poverty as they are unable to find shelter, education, jobs and cope with the war traumas.


We have provided essential aid to support desperate families on the ground! From sponsoring medical treatments, providing funeral costs to providing shoes and clothing, we also connected and negotiated with employers to generate employment opportunities for the refugees in desperate need of jobs!


For further info please email at moonlighttrustinfo@gmail.com




ramadhanWe support some of the poorest families especially widows, orphans and single mothers in Pakistan who were either vulnerable to work due to old age or had medical conditions which would exempt them from working.
Families We Support
Amjed’s Story- Amjed’s mother has died, he lives in a rural area of Gujarkhan (Pakistan) with his disable brother who also suffers from similar disabilities. These individuals have no income as they were abandoned by the father. They need financial help for medical treatment but only if they can manage to have enough for food and the basic necessities of every day. Moonlight Trust has supported the family continuously for last 4 years but to keep this going we need your help.
Ramadhan Food Project for displaced including Afghans
This is one of our most popular project for last three years in row we have delivered food packs for some for the most poorest and deprived communities in Pakistan, Palestine as well as displaced afghan refugees in Pakistan!
If you would like to be part of our Ramadhan food projects or sponsor a pack Please get in touch at moonlighttrustinfo@gmail.com






Humanitarian Support projects for Refugees in Lesbos and Athens


Boat Rescues


With a team of 5 volunteers we helped with boat rescues at the shore of Aegean Sea, Most boats arrived at midnight or three o clock in the morning and children and women were screaming and freezing clod most people needed emergency help. Through your help we were able to fund an emergency vehicle which was used an emergency vehicle as well as providing essential clothing items like socks and warm jackets for refugees!




Shoes -Lesvos


Shoes were one of the most demanding items on the ground so we spooned shoes for a large number of families in desperate need in official (UN) and unofficial camps!




Baby Milk/Hygiene Items – Athens


With your support we were able to provide baby milk in camps where baby milk was one of the most wanted item and basic food supply was running low!


17361838_10155210440314645_7497079772880739342_nFerry Tickets


Most refugee’s families which included majority as children were stranded in cold so we bought ferry tickets for them.


FB_IMG_1456864496893Food kitchen


We also sponsored bulk food in official camp Moria,  unofficial camp better days of Moria, No borders Kitchen which feeds 600 refugees a day at Greek island of Lesvos. We supplied Halal meet as many refugees requested.






Majority of the refugees were children most under 12, and traumatised from the boat journey and needed cheering up with limited funds we also goodies, toys and balls for children to pay in the camps!







Dirty Girls Of Lesvos


through our friends and partners Dirty girls of Lesvos we sponsored washing of clothes for Refugee families! Dirty Girls was initiated in October, 2015 by Alison Terry-Evans in reaction to seeing that good quality wet and dirty clothing, discarded by refugees arriving by sea on the island of Lesvos, was being trashed rather than saved and reused.
With the gradual involvement of other volunteers, she began collecting the clothes which were initially washed in domestic washing machines until a suitable and sympathetic commercial laundry was found. 





For further info please email at moonlighttrustinfo@gmail.com




UK Foodbank


Food for Homeless In Leeds


Ramadhan food packs for homeless in Leeds
In association with St George crypt we provided food packs for homeless in Leeds!