Food is one of the most wanted items in Refugee camps around the world as there is never enough to go around. Refugees have to stand in queues for hours to have basic food. We organised and sponsored food distributions on an ongoing basis - funding food, kitchen and bulk food deliveries across the islands including official camp Moria which hosted over 10,000 refugees, No borders Kitchen (which feeds 600 refugees a day at Greek island of Lesvos) and provided food deliveries to squats whilst sponsoring food for 200 refugees a day in Athens as well as feeding 200 homeless refugees a day in Ramadan. We also arranged and supplied Halal meat during Ramadan as many refugees requested. 90% of our work is done via volunteers and we cannot leave these people at the border of European Union to starve.

We can only continuer this work with your support and help us to protect dignity for those stuck in most desperate situations.

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