Our Mission Aims and Values

Our Mission Statement

'To Alleviate Poverty, Sickness and Social Injustice for the World's Most Deprived Communities'.

Our Aim

Our aim is to support some of the world’s most deprived communities especially those who are stuck in desperate situations such as refugees fleeing violence and oppression - by providing them basics emergency supplies like food, water, shoes, medical treatment to providing employability skills and helping them finance education.

Starting from supporting food banks in UK to helping refugees fleeing war and persecution in Greece, France, Serbia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan and Middle East.

We continue to advance our mission and transform lives across the globe. We have been part of the support on each step of the refugee journey from funding boat rescue missions, ferry tickets, providing baby milk, nappies to bulk food, and hygienic times in official and unofficial camps.


Our Values

Our values include: protection against discrimination, promotion of fairness and equality, raising awareness and promoting diversity. We believe these are fundamental parts to our mission to alleviate poverty, sickness and social injustice for the world's most deprived communities.

  • We believe that those fleeing war and discrimination deserve protection not persecution

  • We believe in fairness and equality for all. Our ethos is to provide support regardless of race, religion, gender and background

  • We believe in raising awareness of the plight of refugees, and calling people to action in supporting them

  • We strongly believe in promoting diversity and togetherness through our community events and workshops. We aim to build an ethically, environmentally friendly, healthy community where everyone has the same rights to thrive and grow.