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''We aim to provide food, water & medical support, to eradicate poverty & improve education''

Needy people all over the world, especially refugees, are receiving vital help and support from Moonlight Trust. The charity aims to provide them with basics such as food, water and medical treatment, but also seeks to eradicate poverty and improve education.

Even though the charity was born from tragedy, today it is known for its tremendous humanitarian work and the quality of its projects supporting people who have been displaced. Starting out supporting food banks in the UK, the charity has now delivered humanitarian projects and supported vulnerable communities in Greece, France, Serbia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan and Middle East, ranging from sponsoring emergency aid in refugee camps across the globe to building shelters for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

The projects delivered are incredibly cost-effective: £50,000 was raised for Rohingya refugees and 100% of this was spent on aid. For the first 10 years, all the projects were delivered by volunteer staff including students and professionals from all backgrounds.

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Our Aim

Help us to continue brightening lives. - your donations become baby milk, medical aid and shelter creating an immediate impact on those in need.

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