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Moonlight Trust is a growing charity aiming to provide food, shelter, sanitation, medical supplies and basic education to the world’s neediest people. Moonlight Trust continues to advance its mission to brighten lives through eradicating poverty and promoting peace, love, justice and equality.

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The world is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis since WW2 - there's now over 63 million people displaced, mainly women and children, due to war, persecution and poverty. There are over 62,000 refugees in Greece alone, mainly Syrians. We are doing our bit to save and heal lives.

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Our Goodwill Ambassador campaign has inspired and engaged some of the most influential and inspirational role models, including members of House of Parliament, National Sports Stars, students and academics. You can see all of our ambassadors here.

Tracy Brabin

Tracy Brabin

In 2017 Tracey Brabin joined Moonlight Trust as an ambassador to support our humanitarian relief efforts at local and international level!

We are proud and honoured to have you on the board!

Jonathan Sanderson

Jonathan Sanderson is the Managing Director of award-winning IT recruitment company, Corecom Consulting. He is Business Advisor and patriot to the Moonlight Trust, He was also shortlisted for ‘Recruitment Boss of the Year’ at the Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards (MARA) for the fourth year.

Saarah Hyder

Saarah Hyder is a successful entrepreneur and business owner of Amaana Spa/Ariaana Gems. She holds a great level of compassion and strives for humanity - always at the forefront of taking initiatives against injustice and violation of human-rights. Founder of "stop the war on Iraq group in Dewsbury".

Moonlight Trust Emergency Aid Distribution for Rohingya Refugees from Moonlight Trust .

We raised over £50,000, to respond to the world's fastest growing refugee emergency.

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