Moonlight Trust is a charity where 95% of our work is carried out by volunteers, and their selflessness, love, and dedication to our cause. Covid-19 has hit us hard and volunteers have allowed us to continue our work and provide aid to the most vulnerable. In her end of year tribute, Noushin thanks the immense support of Moonlight Trust’s volunteers, and to our supporters, whose donations have helped us to make a difference to thousands of lives:

“I really want to thank you all; this year has been so tough but you know what we can take away is that there is such community spirit and support, resilience, and commitment to help those in need regardless…it's always the charity CEOs and heads that get highlighted but if there were no volunteers I am telling you that none of the charities could do any of the work that they do because is one of the most valuable… so thank you from the bottom of my heart."

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Thank you - with your support, we can provide aid when and where it matters.

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