4000 children a month are dying in Afghanistan due to hunger and starvation.

Afghans are one of the largest refugee populations in the world, with 2.6 million registered Afghan refugees, and at least 3.5 million people who are internally displaced, due to the chaos resulting from having to flee their homes out of danger and poverty. It is becoming increasingly likely that the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan will mean that more people will continue to leave their homes behind in search of peace and stability.

Having suffered more than four decades of conflict, poverty, and natural disasters, Afghan refugees need our help more than ever – the time for their pain and suffering to end is long overdue.

Whilst it might seem to volatile of a situation to rectify, there are ways that you can help support Afghan refugees.

As well as providing lifesaving humanitarian assistance and relief support to refugees, raising awareness and campaigning is big part of our work at Moonlight Trust.

You can help support us with our current campaign to help Afghan refugees by donating, and by raising awareness to your family, friends or community.

The situation in Afghanistan is not beyond hope. We all can do something by sharing and utilising our skills, talents or financial resources to help bring one of the biggest humanitarian crisis of our era since World War 2 to a close.

Give your support by donating here with a reference of ‘Afghanistan’.

Thank you – together we can do so much more.

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