Bakhtawar Bibi is resilient.

25-year-old Bakhtawar Bibi is a hardworking resident of Bahawalnagar and is a married woman with two children. Her husband earns a minimal income as a labourer, and difficulty meeting the family’s needs encouraged Bakhtawar to open up her own stitching centre 2 years ago.

Despite both Bakhtawar and her husband contributing to provide for their family, rising expenses and support needed means that they are struggling to make ends meet, whilst living a life of poverty.

Bakhtawar Bibi is resilient.

But she needs your help.

To support her family, Bakhtawar wants to expand her stitching business so that her family can get the support they need. She urgently needs some investment to do this, and so Moonlight Trust is asking for your continued support via providing us with donations.

Bakhtawar’s story is part of our wider campaign to help some of Pakistan's poorest families rebuild their lives post the Covid-19 pandemic. Each family needs £400/£500 to be able to achieve a means of sustainable living. With your donations, they will be in a better position to empower themselves and to continue to earn a living and gain new skills, supporting themselves and living a happier life.

As always, we will provide 100% transparency with how your donations will be making an impact on the lives of these families, with the help of our partners Seed Out on the ground.

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Thank you – together we can do so much more.

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