Refugees are often presented on media as pitiful souls who are seeking help. Yet, time and time again, we are reminded that they are some of the most resilient, courageous and compassionate people.

To endure one hardship after the other and still hope for a better life is not pitiful but dignified.

To be tormented with rape, starvation and poverty and wake up the next day holding onto their faith with formidable strength is not pitiful but dignified.

To be ridiculed in the media and still hold onto their most treasured dreams is not pitiful but dignified.

Let’s remove the stigma attached to refugees and shatter the impression that they are hopeless souls full of misery. Rather, refugees have proven time and time again to be full of strength, resilience, and faith.

With your help, we can continue to help refugees rebuild their lives and break the cycle of torment and oppression.

Thank you – together we can do so much more.

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