This winter, your donations can help protect the human dignity of a refugee in need. There are over 100,000 refugees in Greece, where the living conditions worsen every day.

Every year in the winter, Moonlight Trust has provided vulnerable refugees with essential supplies such as sleeping bags, hygiene items, and food, with the support of our partners and volunteers.

One of our key items is the winter blanket which is used to protect homeless refugees, as well as those facing freezing temperatures in their tents. These winter blankets are washed and recycled for others to use as there are simply not enough resources to give to everyone.

We at Moonlight Trust are asking for your support: please donate this winter to support refugees in Greece with a reference of the ‘Blanket Project’. The cost of washing one blanket is £2.50, a sleeping bag costs £2.00, and there are also additional costs for our trucks to pick up and deliver these blankets.

Click here to donate today.

Thank you – your donations can help us protect human dignity.

Offer your support and donate to Moonlight Trust by clicking on the link below. With your help, we can alleviate poverty, sickness, and social Injustice for some of the world's most deprived communities by providing aid and liberation. Together, we can brighten lives.