In Pakistan, many families depend on daily income, and the outbreak Covid-19 means that they are not making enough to support themselves during this challenging time. Those of Pakistan's poorest who normally survive on less than £2 a day have been hit the hardest, and we are determined to support them.

Through a database developed by one of our partners SeedOut, we have targeted some of the neediest people for aid, and we are asking for your continued support in helping us provide aid to the most vulnerable. Zakaat, Saqaqah, Lillah and Ramadhan donations will be accepted.

For donations to Pakistan, please reference: MtPakistan

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Thank you: with your support we can provide aid when and where it matters.

Offer your support and donate to Moonlight Trust by clicking on the link below. With your help, we can alleviate poverty, sickness and social Injustice for some of the world's most deprived communities by providing aid and liberation. Together, we can brighten lives.